Understanding the Facelift Surgery in Three Steps

Understand Face Lift Surgery

Are you getting aging signs? Here is what you can do to eliminate them. The process I am refering to is not an uncommon one. Commonly known as rhytidectomy, facelift surgery is a process to reduce aging signs on face and neck. A facelift surgery is designed to restore many features that promise youth and to reduce aging features by improving tone in upper most skin layer and other underlying muscles and uplifting contours.
This should be kept in mind that the process of surgical facelift is not meant to stop the aging process and it will not change the overall look of your face. The surgery will help you age more gracefully. In addition to usual process, other restorative techniques are also sometimes carried out to restore special facial features like brow lift or eyelid surgery.
Patients can opt for other facial surgeries to reshape their facial look. These procedures include soft tissue augmentation or facial implant. Other precedure may be resurfacing.

Getting Professional Help

Once a person decides to get facelift surgery for his skin he has to search a professional practitioner for this surgery. A plastic surgeon that is a graduate in medicine, has completely mendatory sugical training, has residency from an accredit program, passed comprehensive written and oral exams and certified by ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery) makes the only practitioner from which one should get such surgery.
After finding such practitioner and getting appointment, consult with your surgeon about the likely procedure, risks and consequences of the surgery. You should get an open and honest discussion about what you are expecting from the surgery and what would be realistic chances of its success.
Your surgeon will evaluate your bone structure, skin and specific conditions that will affect your aging appearance. The surgery is likely to affect only your jowls, midface and neck. Other non-surgical remedies may also be used to aid short term look of your face in such areas of your face that show minimum signs of aging. However, nonsurgical remedies cannot substitute surgical facelift and it may in the end become necessary to take the surgery.

Surgery and Its Chances of Success

The surgery may take hours for execution. This surgery can be held in hospital, office based surgical facility or ambulatory surgical facility depending on surgeon’s ease.The surgeon can decide to give anesthesia if it is a requirement of the procedure. After surgery, the patient will get bandaged and a small tube will drain excess blodo from the skin.
The patient will have to follow detailed post surgical instructions so they can benefit mostfrom it. They may indulge in light activities within a few days of surgery. Within a week’s time, only small bruises will remain noticeablewhich can be concealed with cosmetic. Competion of healing process can take several weeks or months. Patient can resume their routine life within a month’s time. And the patient will be left with nothing but their new, healthier, youthful skin.


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