Post Burn Deformities

Burning injuries are of severe pain and irritation. Whatever the age group of the sufferer is, post burn deformities can be devastating. The burning deformities must be treated with urgency. Reconstructive surgeries can greatly improve the function as well as appearance of affected area. You don’t need to be frustrated about post burn deformities as we are here to assist you to improve the function and aesthetic appearance of affected area.

We have been pioneer in burn care. Because of expert’s medical care provided at our clinic, you will have greater chances of surviving and recovering from all types of burn injuries. The various methods of post burn surgeries are practiced in our clinic including skin grafting, laser treatments, skin flap surgery, Z-plasty for treating post burn deformities.The goal of our expertise has extended the traditional role of the burning beyond acute wound closure. The combination of surgeries is also utilized to not only treat post burn deformities but also minimize the visibility of scars. The post burns scars are inevitable even with the best treatment and give unpleasant look. We are committed to remove the scars of burning also after exceptional surgeries.Before surgically addressing the problem, a thorough analysis is mandatory to cope up the burning situation. You will be served with excellent methods being practiced in our clinic. We prevent and correct the deformities and scars to maximize the functional outcomes and patient’s satisfaction. Book your appointment today for a consultation with our surgeons.