Hand Surgery in Karachi

Overview of Hand Treatments & Surgery

Hand treatment is a type of process in which a person is given a special treatment by a occupational physician and the main objective of this treatment is to enable the hand to work like normal hand. The hand which is facing difficulty in performing the normal routine works can be given proper hand treatment. This may also include the removal of aging effects from hand.


There are many procedures which are associated with the treatment of hand. These procedures’ names have been enlisted.

  • Operative planning
  • Preparing and draping the patient
  • Hair removal
  • Tourniquet usage
  • The use of special surgical instruments
  • Magnification
  • Post operative care

The four basic instruments which are used in this treatment and surgery

  • Knife
  • Small forceps
  • Dissecting scissors
  • Mosquito hemostats

Benefits and advantages:

There are many benefits of this treatment. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • This is a treatment which does not require any operation.
  • Help in getting rid of long lasting pain
  • Helps in removing the sensitivity from nerves
  • It helps the hand to heel again after the nerve has been injured
  • The person can perform all the everyday activities with ease and comfort without facing any pain.

Risks and side effects:

The issues related to the skin sometimes may lead to a lot of complications as the skin is the very sensitive organ of the body. There are some very common risks which are related to the treatment.

  • Infection
  • Slow or no heeling
  • Loss of sensation in the nerves
  • Formation of blood clots in the nerves
  • Inflammation in the hand
  • Allergic reactions also occur in some patients.

Result of the treatment:

The final results of the hand treatment are long lasting. Sometimes, it takes number of months for a final result to get apparent so, one who has been administered with the hand treatment should be patience and wait for the result. Sometimes, it also takes many years to get fade.

Cost of surgery:

The total cost of the hand treatment may be different depending upon the method which has been used for the treatment. The cost of the treatment also depends on the registration fee of the surgeon, the medication facilities provided to the patient, the working of the medical staff etc.
The fee is also different for the treatment given with anaesthesia and without anaesthesia.

The estimated cost of the treatment is Rs.90,000/- to Rs.150,000/– this is not fixed but it can be less or more.

About doctor:

Dr. Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan is a plastic surgeon who has been certified by board. The specialized surgeon has a good command on his specialization in body contouring. Dr. Faisal has been focusing on the process of body proportions along with other therapies related to the skin issues and weight loss for past 3 years. He has achieved the maximum qualification in the field of surgery in order to remove the scars. He is also well-recognized for his work in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Faisal is very caring for his patients and he wants his patients to get recovered as soon as possible. The patients come for the treatment from all over the world because of his deep insight in the surgical and non-surgical treatments.