The droopy upper eye lid causes tired, sleepy appearance and reduces the vision. Whether your eye drooping is congenital or involutional, it can be treated with ptosis surgery. When droopy eye lid lead to complaints of decreased superior visual field, then you are in utmost need of considering reliable clinic for ptosis surgery.

Tighten your levator muscles to elevate the eye lids. When choosing a surgeon to perform ptosis surgery, look for our cosmetic surgeons. Our leading clinic equipped with team of finest surgeons. The creative ability of our eminent doctors in addition to impressive credentials and thousands of treatments they has performed, have led their patients to rave about their warm, caring manner and sensitivity to their needs.We offer you best surgery to restore normal cosmetic appearance of the eye lid and to prevent lazy eye. Our ambition is to elevate the eyelid to achieve symmetry with the opposite eye lid and permit full field of vision with our incredible services. Care is needed in planning and performing this surgery and we are committed to give you desired results with great devotion under complete attention and care.Beautify your eyelids with painless surgery that is performed under care in our center. Most importantly, you will be treated in lesser time and you are able to return to work within couple of days following ptosis surgery.