About Doctor

img2Dr. Faisal Akhlaq Ali khan is offering wide variety of clinical services including reconstructive head and neck surgery, hand surgery, cleft lip and palate, hypospadias surgery and burns and aesthetic cosmetic surgery. His seven years experience in five different hospitals and interaction with different colleagues belonged to the same field has made him able to deal with complex cases. The interaction with different people with different backgrounds in different circumstances proved to be beneficial in giving him certain degree of maturity.

His special interest in head and neck reconstruction led him to the most reputable Plastic Surgery of Pakistan where he worked for one year as a registrar. With the skills and experience, Dr. Khan has the ability to handle surgeries after trauma and cancer. His training includes one year house job at Jinnah hospital Karachi with six months experience in medicine and six months in general surgery.The work experience at Liaqat National Hospital made him adept in dealing with burns. Dr. Khan completed the comprehensive surgical training before starting his career as plastic surgeon. Being a part of many beneficial reconstructive workshops and conferences, he spanned a variety of disciplines.Dr. Faisal is registered with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council in 2000. Currently, he is working as Assistant professor at one of most prestigious and oldest institute of Pakistan; the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Civil hospital, down university of Health sciences.